original Fish meal


SARMA FISH offers high quality fish meal and fish oil, along with excellent customer service in export all over the world.

Our fish meal contains 56-72% of protein (graded 56-60%, 60-62%, 62-64%, 65-66%, 67-69%, 70-72%)

Delivery possibilities: 50kg bags, big bags, in bulk.

Our products originate from: Morocco, Mauritania, Latvia.

Fish meal and fish oil are produced from various, mainly small, bony and oily fish, as well as some is manufactured from byproducts of seafood processing companies.

Fish meal is vitally necessary component in diets of many animals and farmed fish, due to the high concentration of important nutrients, such as balanced amino acids and fatty acids, and high energy value.

Fish oil is an important nutriment of farmed fish. It is also used in production of human health supplements that contain Omega 3 fatty acids.