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SARMA FISH S.A.R.L is an international fish processing company that produces high quality fish products for markets all over the world. We focus on providing the best quality frozen fish and excellent customer service in export. The manufacturing and processing of the sea products is indeed the specialty of SARMA FISH. 

The company was established in year 2010 in Laayoune town, in southern Morocco and is a joint venture company established in collaboration with Moroccan and Latvian enterpreneurs. For the present we have two frozen fish factories in Morocco - SARMA in Laayoune port and KACHEM PECHE in Dakhla. Both are located in direct proximity to the sea that ensures best quality of raw material and final product.

The name of our joint venture came from two words sardine and Maroc, embaracing frozen fish products, fish meal and fish oil.

During year 2010 SARMA FISH has become one of the largest exporters of these products in Morocco.We actively work with Germany, Turkey, USA, China Chile and Brasil. And still we are looking forward for new lasting partners from all over the world!


We use three basic pelagic fish of Morocco - sardinella, sardine and mackerel as main raw material and process it by using the most modern tehnology. Our factory is equipped with high quality processing lines from Denmark company Cabinplant . Our various services - static freezing in tunnel, IQF freezing, packaging in cartons of 22kg, or bag 1kg, 2kg and 5kg, let us to be presented in all segments of the market: catering, wholesalers, distributors, etc. 


In order to ensure the best quality of our products, our fully equiped laboratory provides a strict quality control that starts with the reception of raw material and continues through the entire production process.