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SARMA FISH S.A.R.L was founded in the year 2010 in Laayoune, Morocco in cooperation between Maroccan and Eastern Europe businessman. We are international frozen fish, fish meal and fish oil production company that is created for providing excellent customer service in export of fresh frozen fish, fish oil and best quality fish meal all over the world. Our representatives are located in Laayoune Morocco as well as in all Eastern Europe.

The name of our joint venture came from two words sardine and Maroc, embaracing frozen fish products, fish meal and fish oil.

During year 2010 SARMA FISH has become one of the largest exporters of these products in Morocco.We actively work with Germany, Turkey, USA, China Chile and Brasil. And still we are looking forward for new lasting partners from all over the world!



We use three basic pelagic fish of Morocco - sardinella, sardine and mackerel as main raw material and process it by using the most modern tehnology. Our factory is equipped with high quality processing lines from Denmark company Cabinplant . As well as we have created modern fully equipped laboratory with competent specialists. This ensure to give the best quality products to our customers.